Saturday, July 4, 2009

Money Changes A Person?

Question: Does someone who acquire money because of hardwork change a person into an emotionless, selfish, unattached individual?

My mother-in-law just retired from the government service with forty-four (44) years on her shoulder. She started as a public school teacher and earned her way into becoming a Principal, which is not easy considering the corruption around.
Eventhough you are qualified, it is hard to get a higher position...
It's whom you know, not necessarily, what you know.

Anyways, there is this house where she and her siblings (she's the eldest) were born and raised by their parents. Her father a US Veteran died years ago. But before his death, this house was mortgaged to the local Rural Bank for One Hundred Thousand Pesos (Php100,000.00) by one of his daughter (thru his authority) because her husband was applying to work in Australia and needed the money.

The husband did not succeed in Australia and was back home without bothering to pay for the mortgage. It was on the brink of getting foreclosed by the bank when the wife of one of the sons said that she know someone who could help them redeem it from the bank and will give them time until they have the means to redeem the property from her.

This rich woman is my mother-in-laws' cousin, their mothers are sisters.

It was after several years when we learned that it was not really help that she is extending, she actually wanted to have the property for herself.

The Mortgage Contract between her and my mother-in-laws' parents (which I still haven't seen up to this day) says that the loan of Two Hundred Twenty Five Thousand Pesos (Php225,000.00) will bear an interest of Ten Percent per annum and they are given only Five (5) years to redeem the property or else this cousin has the sole right to purchase the property.

To make the long story short,,,, when my mother-in-law retired last April 6 (she's 65 years old) I told her to avail of the immediate pension so that she and her husband wouldn't have problems for their daily living allowance and medicines.

But then she opted to get the five years lump sum so that she could redeem the property. She didn't want her family to lose the property, especially that her old mother, her unmarried brother (who had a stroke), and another brother with his wife (also a stroke victim) is still living in that house.

The biggest blow of all is that the price of the house already reached SIX HUNDRED NINETY EIGHT THOUSAND NINE HUNDRED NINETY TWO PESOS (Php698,992.00)!!!!

Her retirement proceeds is only a few more than that amount and that is not yet considering her other personal loans.

Now, this cousin who lives in the US of A had inputted hundreds of thousands over and above the original Php225,000.00 loan. She even filed an Extrajudicial Foreclosure Proceedings in court last year (when the five year period expired) eventhough my mother-in-law talked to her last year that she will redeem the property this year when she retire from work.

Well, I see some irregularities in the "court proceedings" which I have consulted with a lawyer friend and will consult a Judge friend too.

But, the ugly part also is that my mother-in-law was trying to reach this cousin of hers to ask for a discount. She contacted every person she knows that have contact with her, but her answer was "I don't want the property redeemed" or she just turned a cold shoulder and became unreachable.

So my mother-in-law did not have time anymore, because the judge gave her a deadline of June 27 or else she won't be able to get back the property again.


So,,, back to my question, "Does someone who acquire money because of hardwork change a person into an emotionless, selfish, unattached individual?"


  1. That is such a sad story. The lady sounds cold hearted and ruthless!! I really hope that you can get this sorted out but it sounds like she will try to stop it going through.
    Not everyone who aquires money becomes cold hearted and selfish. I think that it's not the money that's the problem but greed, and let's face it was would have been greedy with money or with oout it.

  2. unfortunately there are people who care about money more than the well being of the people around them, that's what's wrong with the world today.

  3. Regarding that question my friend it depends upon. Many people were being change because of money but some because of where they been living with. But I was shocked when you told me that relative of yours wanted your mother-in-law to redeem the property from 225,000 to almost 7 hundred thousand pesos. She must be kidding but I think she's not. One thing I can say is that she is greedy. Atin-atin lang ito but I think she changed because nandito na sya sa US. Marami mga tao dito na nagbago ang ugali. Naging selfish,matapobre, greedy at spoiled. Hindi naman lahat pero kadalasan ganoon ang nangyayari. I live here in the US for almost three years now at talagang makikita mo ang pagbabago ng ugali ng isang tao. Baka naging emotionless sya dahil if hindi mo lakasan and iyong loob dito wala kang mapapala. Pero grabe naman iyong ginawa nya. Gusto na ngang bayaran ng tao iyong utang pero ang laki naman ng tubo. I just hope na God will soften her heart na bawas-bawasan naman iyong tubo. She is your relative. Tayong mga Pilipino ay magpakawang-gawa at may konsensya. Hope she will never forget where she came from. I am hoping for the good result. Take care and God bless you.

  4. It is indeed true that money does change people, but not everyone. This is very unfortunate and the lady is very greedy for sure. It's even more disheartening to see it from a family member. I admire anyone who has worked to succeed like that, but I don't respect someone abuses the money for her sole benefit without a care for the well being of others. It is a common occurrence for many like her unfortunately especially when you hear of CEOs all the time in the U.S. literally getting their way much of the time, too.

    Thanks for sharing my friend!

  5. The same thing happened to us that's why the family has disbanded. For the very same reason that people who have money use thier money to buy people - I hope that makes sense. I can say yes, it does changes the person if they have acquired so much because it gives them power to rule over those who doesn't. I'm still hoping for the best, anything could still happen.

  6. I maybe too young to react and maybe my ideas maybe weightless for you but I am telling you it is a YES! yes in a sense that money can give a great feelings towards an individual, a great feeling that no one can understand only those who has d money as well, in my young age I have acquired great amount of money and it almost changes me, and in my views on life however money won't last it simply goes away for some reason but I was not too old enough to realize what I had done good thing was I was able to reflect and realize and it is never too late, but your mother-in-law cousin maybe she is too old enough to realize the degree of selfishness she has acquired in her can even change a relationship as well of any individual from friends, sister, brother, aunts and uncles and etc. Mind you money is the root of all evil unless a person has the great amount of money has a strong faith in God but often times it can still be misleading you can be as god fearing person in d outside but coz ur money reign supreme in ur mind still shows in ur action how ur money affects an individual soooo greatly...Money also is the greatest possession os human kind so the saying goes if u have money u can even buy LIFe. YES!!! so my friend the answer to ur question is definitely YES! money can change an individual perspective, lifestyle and can even destruct greatly a great relationship as well...ok??? gotcha? whew!!! nice blog...