Sunday, November 29, 2009

On to Module 4

I attended the Module 3 last week, Coach Cy was my facilitator.
And it was great,,,,,,
Now I understand....

I want to share here one of my assignments for Module 4 which I will attend tomorrow at 3pm Shangrila Mall, Olivers Super Sandwich.

101 Reasons Why I want to Join the Core Team:

1. To be Financially literate
2. To be Financially Free
3. To meet inspiring people
4. To be a businesswoman
5. To be surrounded with positive thinking people
6. To be transparent
7. To be open-minded to opportunities
8. To be strong-willed
9. To think positive at all times
10. To teach other people to be financially literate
11. To help my family and friends
12. To help other people
13. To empower those people who knows what they want but are afraid to take the first step
14. To overcome my fears
15. To take action of my plans
16. To get out of the rat race
17. To be systematic
18. To learn how to earn money
19. To spread love
20. To have a mentor who will guide me along the way
21. To have my dream lifestyle
22. To have, and not want and not have
23. To overcome the “what ifs”
24. To transform thoughts into results
25. Not to work to make someone else rich
26. To be rich, in every aspect
27. To be a generous giver
28. To be an excellent receiver
29. To be an excellent money manager
30. To create several passive income
31. To add value to other peoples’ lives
32. To enjoy my life
33. To apply the money jars forever
34. To continue learning
35. To have a meaningful life
36. To value commitment
37. To recondition my mind about money
38. To remove the cobwebs (doubts) in my mind
39. To widen my horizon
40. To hear more success stories
41. To develop self-confidence
42. To develop my interpersonal skills
43. To inspire others
44. To create a better me
45. To change the course of my life
46. To learn time management
47. To have a clear and concrete goal
48. To learn to systematize
49. To learn how to invest
50. To learn to overcome my fear of failure
51. To know how to make wise decisions
52. To be strong
53. To develop leadership skills
54. To have courage to do what I want to do
55. To finish what I started, or rather continue
56. To become wealthy
57. To know what business will work for me
58. To be free
59. To show the world I can
60. To show myself I can
61. To pay it forward, my learnings and earnings
62. To make others strong
63. To make my children financially literate
64. Not to procrastinate
65. Share the wealth
66. Be happy
67. Be focused
68. To understand
69. To be blessed and bless others
70. To get old in style
71. To use my time wisely
72. To be the best that I can be
73. To make things happen
74. To know these wonderful people I read on
75. To create abundance
76. To not be afraid when being challenged
77. Have a guaranteed life
78. To never surrender
79. To get inspired
80. To be prepared
81. To be financially independent 2-3 years from now
82. To be a millionaire or billionaire
83. To strengthen my faith
84. Not rely on luck
85. Get out of my job
86. Learn to consider things
87. Develop my talents
88. Be a mentor
89. To create employment to Filipinos
90. To hone my instinct
91. To share
92. To give hope
93. To be independent
94. To have my own office
95. To have more free time for my family
96. To help more people, send to school
97. To share the wealth course in the province (Bicol)
98. To be confident in having business partners
99. To be creative
100. To be a world class Filipino
101. To help create a First World Philippines!

November 27, 2009

If you want to learn more about what I am talking about you may go to

I have learned so much and I am still willing to learn more.
And the ultimate reason is to share the knowledge.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Tough Times

My long hair days are over,,,,
Well actually that was months ago. I have cut my hair real short now and for good...
I am getting old and my hair is getting thinner or lesser... hehehe

Even before the Christmas seasons, tough times are still around the corner...
Hopefully I will be able to find ways....
God always provides, we just do the looking and doing!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Create Abundance 2020

Yesterday I attended the Module 2 of the Wealth Course at the Shangrila EDSA, Oliver's Super Sandwiches.

Caoch Japo was my coach for the module, and he was really good.

I was sooo enlightened!

I realized a lot of things about how money means to me and how I use it and the reasons behind.

There are questions to be answered which uncovers a lot of realizations for me.

I truly recommend this Wealth Course for anyone who wants to be Financially Independent!

You may visit their site at

There you will understand about the Wealth course and you can read blogs about financial literacy shared by different people.

I am already a part of the community so you can visit my profile at

I brought along with me my eldest daughter and an officemate for Module 1.

And boy, were they glad I invited them!

It is true that in school we were taught things so that after graduation we will be able to find employment...

But they never teach us how to manage the money we will be earning.

Some are lucky to have the knowledge to save money, but later on they really don;t know how to utilize that money.

Some just simply live everyday enjoying what they are earning and not thinking of the "what ifs",,,

Had I known these things before (like before I got my first job), I would not have fallen into the pitfalls of spending too much and never caring about tomorrow.

Maybe as we grow older, we get tired and think of ways to earn and at the same time relax from the busy life we have.

But wouldn't it be better if we start younger????

So that we wouldn't be running faster...

Well, I just hope people will realize how important Financial Literacy is.

I know for me, at my age, it's not too late to start.

Thank you to all the Coaches of CA2020!!!!

Well, maybe one day I will be a part of your team too...

Keep up the Good Work!

God bless!!!

Starting Over

It's been sooooo long again.

I just felt lazy the past weeks,,,,

Lazy to blog and to click my entrecard...


I guess I was tired and especially Obet always making remarks about my internet time... hmph...

Well, I guess you can never stop a writer forever.

So here I am again wanting to share my thoughts.

Me and my friend are attending a seminar/training on money management or financial literacy.

I think I should have done this earlier.

But then I am thankful that I finally am learning.

There are a lot to learn and it isn't easy to apply the learnings... hehehe

My target is to have multiple income streams so that I will be financially free. I really don't know where or how to start. I guess starting something is always the most difficult part.

But then afterwards, everything will follow.

Just like my side businesses before,

The boneless bangus business,,,

The barbeque business,,,

The peanut butter and atsara business,,

The beauche business,,, (until now)

I think I have to really decide what I want, something that will be for the long term.

Something that I really want to do,

Something that I can delegate to other people so that it would continue earning for me even if I am not around to oversee it.

I have to decide....

Right now my plan is to buy a food cart that I would put up near the school.

A rolling food cart, selling fish balls, squid balls, kikiam, chicken balls... etc...

MegaBalls.... my own sauce. Sweet, Spicy, Sweet & Sour....

Wish me luck please....