Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Create Abundance 2020

Yesterday I attended the Module 2 of the Wealth Course at the Shangrila EDSA, Oliver's Super Sandwiches.

Caoch Japo was my coach for the module, and he was really good.

I was sooo enlightened!

I realized a lot of things about how money means to me and how I use it and the reasons behind.

There are questions to be answered which uncovers a lot of realizations for me.

I truly recommend this Wealth Course for anyone who wants to be Financially Independent!

You may visit their site at

There you will understand about the Wealth course and you can read blogs about financial literacy shared by different people.

I am already a part of the community so you can visit my profile at

I brought along with me my eldest daughter and an officemate for Module 1.

And boy, were they glad I invited them!

It is true that in school we were taught things so that after graduation we will be able to find employment...

But they never teach us how to manage the money we will be earning.

Some are lucky to have the knowledge to save money, but later on they really don;t know how to utilize that money.

Some just simply live everyday enjoying what they are earning and not thinking of the "what ifs",,,

Had I known these things before (like before I got my first job), I would not have fallen into the pitfalls of spending too much and never caring about tomorrow.

Maybe as we grow older, we get tired and think of ways to earn and at the same time relax from the busy life we have.

But wouldn't it be better if we start younger????

So that we wouldn't be running faster...

Well, I just hope people will realize how important Financial Literacy is.

I know for me, at my age, it's not too late to start.

Thank you to all the Coaches of CA2020!!!!

Well, maybe one day I will be a part of your team too...

Keep up the Good Work!

God bless!!!

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