Sunday, December 20, 2009

Almost Christmas

Christmas is almost here!!!
I can feel it in the air...
During my morning walk I saw the fogs which during other seasons we don't have the opportunity to see...

I miss my blogger friends, I very rarely have to time to drop my entrecards now.
I hope next year I would have more time so I could visit them more often.

Have been busy for the past days because of Christmas parties at the office.
Some parties/dinner dates with friends.
And have been watching my diet too,, hehehe

On Monday we have a party, sort of a reunion with our old officemates (HFAD) people.
I know it will be a blast!
Will try to post some pictures here...
So sad because my camera got broken last month, huhuhuhuhuhuuuuuu
I plan to buy a new one next week or maybe a new mobile phone with a good camera.

No news yet with my Tito Tom,,,,
well hopefully next week,,,,


Saturday, December 5, 2009

Life Goes On

I talked to my Tito Tom yesterday, actually he's my biological father.

Actually, Obet and I have been talking about putting up a business.

And my Dad I think, will be able to help us.

I don't want to elaborate right now, as it is still under negotiation. But I am soooo very much hoping that it will push thru.

I am sorry for CA2020, but if this will turn out good then I would have to give up CA2020.
As no man can serve two masters at the same time....

I miss my Mama,,,
In this picture is Mama with my sister Glo and Ate Liza.
Ate Liza was my Ma's personal secretary for sooo long... I think since she started the company.

I want to dedicate this new journey of my life to my Mama.
I know this is what she wants, which I just realized so much later.
But I hope she will help me pray for the realization of this dream.

With my family I know this dream will come true.