Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Floods, Floods and more Floods

The typhoon Ondoy brought so many tears to our fellow Filipinos.

Today, when I went to the office I heard a lot of other stories of tragedy and survival, aside from those I have watched on the television.

People who became heroes because of their bravery and courage.

I pray that this will not happen again to our country.

Sometimes we think and ask why did this thing happen.

I believe that it is not God’s will, because our God is a loving God.

We should look at the root of the flood.

What caused it?

At the time…. Very heavy rains, the opening of the dams….

But before that…. Stuck-up drainage and stuck-up rivers because of the garbage of humans; old rivers and sea water turned into residential and commercial areas.

I think we should start by cleaning up our environment, then planting trees rather than building commercial shopping complex (we have enough of these shopping malls).

We have to love our environment so that it will love us back too.

I read once an essay written by a Korean student now living here in the Philippines, telling about his views of our country. He was asked why, in his opinion, is the Philippines not progressing.

His answer was very simple,

“It is because the Filipinos don’t Love the Philippines”

And I think somehow this is true. We have forgotten to love our country.

We always complain of the corrupt government, the corrupt government officials and employees, the corrupt system.

But, we should ask ourselves, what are we doing to change our country for the better?

Where will change begin if not with us?

We should not let corruption eat us up, we should have this passion of change for a better Philippines in us to flow and magnify not only in our household but in everything that we do.

By simply not throwing out trash (even candy wrappers) on the streets or sidewalks is a start.

If we want a clean household, we also should have a clean environment where our children, grandchildren, and the next generation of Filipinos will enjoy living in.

I am not a hypocrite, I also have a dream to live in another country where they say have a better community (lesser or no crimes); better old-age benefits like medical and pension pay; better paying jobs; better and free education for my children and grandchildren (would be); clean air to breathe… etc.

But I ask myself, wouldn’t it be better if we have all these in our country?

I dream that one day the Philippines will be a better place to live in because of the efforts of the Filipinos.

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