Monday, February 8, 2010

Biggest Loser

I joined the Biggest Loser challenge which started last January 11, here are the mechanincs:

§ Php1,100 Joiners Fee

o Php1,000 goes to the Biggest Loser Winner

o Php 100 will be used to purchase the official weighing scale

§ 11-week program (11 January to 31 March 2010)

§ Winner: Highest % of total body weight lost

§ Percentage of body weight lost

Beginning Weight – Current Weight

Beginning Weight

§ Winner takes all, in case of ties, equally split the prize

§ Weigh-in:

o All participants MUST weigh-in weekly

o Initial weigh-in is on 11 January 2010 after the flag ceremony

o Weekly weigh-in: Mondays after the flag ceremony

o Outfit: GSIS Monday uniform without the blazer

§ Penalties:

o Php500 for refusal to weigh-in

o Php200 for those who gained weight per week

o Php100 for those who maintains current weight per week

o Php1,000 for those who will drop-out

o If the participant loses 10% of body weight, penalty will be limited to refusal and weight-gain penalties

§ Official weighing scale will be kept during the week

My initial weight was 178.4 lbs.

During the first week I lost 5.2 lbs, and then another 1.6 lbs the next. But the following week, Feb. 1, I gained 2 lbs!!! Huhuhu…

Today I weighed 173 lbs, a loss of 0.6 lbs from last week and a total of 5.4 lbs loss from the beginning.

I have to lose weight of at least 10% of my initial weight, which means I have to lose at least 17.8 lbs.

I only have 8 weeks to go… What must I do????

Ok, so I have not been really serious about this matter, especially with my exercise.

I’ve only been doing at least one brisk walking and at most three brisk walking a week. So it does not really do me any good.

I have to make a diet and exercise plan and stick to it!

I will also try the “Three Day Diet” and see if it will work.

Well, so much of wanting to Lose Weight!!! Hehehe,,

Wish me Luck!!

Here it is:


ü Three to four times of 30 minutes brisk walking/jog a week. (Treadmill)

ü Three 20 minutes stationary bike a week.

ü Jumping Rope (100x) & Basic Stretching/ Exercise in the morning

ü When the Aero Dancing begins on Feb. 16…. 2 times a week (Tues & Thurs)

ü 30-45 mins brisk walking/jog on Saturday or Sunday.

ü Jumping Rope (100x) & Basic Stretching/ Exercise in the morning


ü No rice diet.

ü Drink plenty of water.

ü Replace rice with vegetable salad or wheat bread.

ü No red meat (pork & beef)


· Office – coffee and sky flakes

· House – coffee and 1 pc wheat bread


· Office 10am – vegetable or wheat bread & chicken or fish

· House - vegetable or wheat bread & chicken or fish


· Office 3pm – wheat bread sandwich

· House – wheat bread and boiled egg/oatmeal


· Office 7pm – oatmeal/wheat bread sandwich


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