Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Final Decision

The other night I talked with Obet,,,
Well, I decided not to transfer... because of all the true reasons.

I talked with my boss, Sir Jun, and he said that it is really better to stay.
So stay I will....

I was supposed to talk to Sir Jun, heart to heart, but he was busy..
I wanted to tell him of some of my innermost feelings at work.
Like, I have been doing my job for the past ten years and it hurts (sometimes) that my efforts doesn't get recognized.
I mean, imagine no promotion for more than ten years.... huhuhu
Some of my friends are way up now. And I believe that i've worked the same as they did or are doing. I'm just not as outgoing as they are. And not having money to spend on treats for people when needed.
I don't have a hold with any top executives.
I was just a walk-in applicant in November of 1997...
took the exams in March 1998...
interviewed in July of the same year....
was told that they got someone else in September the same year...
So I thought I would not be hired anymore.
But then in May of 1999 I got a call from the office that I have a signed appointment as a permanent employee dated April 1999.. WOW!
I was so surprised and so thankful that after work I went straight to Church and cried my heart out for having such an unexpected gift....

After having been employed, transferred and promoted to and from one private company to another, it was finally time to settle down with one good office.

Well, I guess my satisfaction in life is really not in work but in my family.
I may not have promotions or recognitions at work but my family is my world.
Leanne is graduating in college on March, Nikko and Jan are in college and Najel is in grade 3 and doing very good in school just like her ate.
Sarah (out scholar) will also be graduating this March with a course in education.
Another scholar, Jona will be in second year college this June.
I don't know if another scholar will be in first year in June, he's Eugine, Obet's cousin whose mother died so he was not able to continue his studies. He will take the college entrance exam this February.

Nikko got a high score in his National College Assessment Examination (NCAE), with a recommendation to pursue courses in Business or Art. The results showed that he is Enterprising first and Artistic second.

I am really very proud of my children. They are not perfect, but they try to be because of their love for me.

Well, my life goes on and so does yours....

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