Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Gone for Sooooo LONG!

It's almost a month since my last post.
A LOT of things, and I mean a LOT have happened since then.

July was a very painful month for me, or so I thought.
But then there is always the Rainbow after the rain. (It was a stormy month)

Well, I am stronger now and I am proud of that.
The Lord made me realize that I could overcome any trials that will come my way.

I will make more posts soon....
I'm happy to be back...
Hello again to my blogger friends,
God Bless!!!


  1. Hello!!Visiting here from adjitize..Hope you can drop by on my page when possible..God Bless!!

  2. a very informative blog about life. thanks for inspiring me to do like this!

  3. Hi Bea..Droppin by here again..Have a wonderful week..God Bless!!

    Dropped ec too