Saturday, August 29, 2009


My youngest daughter and I started attending the Sunday Feast at the Festival Mall about a month ago.
She is one of the pioneer members of the Children Ministry and last August 16 they did an interpretative dance number.
Here are some pictures...

Last Sunday we were not able to attend the Feast because me and hubby went to visit his Lola who is sick.

But I am so happy because Nikko have been coming with us and then last August 16 Leanne also came with us and she wants to join the Music Ministry (the ones who sings during the celebration).

Well, what will really make me happy is when hubby will decide to come with us every Sunday. (prayer request)

Attending the Feast gives me the strength I need to go on with life. It's what gives me the reason will to go on with my life.

For more pictures please CLICK HERE

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