Monday, August 31, 2009

Nu Skin

I was invited by my friend Mavic last August 26 to attend the Nu Skin orientation program.

Well, it was what I had expected it to be, a business opportunity program.

Just like the other business related things (MLM, Networking) it sells its products but one can also earn passive income if you have established a network of business partners.

Well, at this point I am not yet sure if I want to join.
But I am really intrigued by their new product the
Galvanic Spa System.

It is a device that will make your skin look younger and fairer, and you will see the results with just the first use!!!

I think a lot of middle aged and conscious women (and men) will be interested in this product.

So I really want to try it.

Aside from the fact that they have training programs that will enhance my selling abilities.

I think i'll give it a try.

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