Sunday, September 20, 2009

My Daughter's Youtube Videos

My daughter Leanne have been pestering me for the last weeks to help promote her Youtube page on my blog.
So here it is.... just click HERE.

Anyways, I have posted one of her video here at the upper portion of my blog.

So please try to visit her Youtube site and try to listen to some her videos there. Why do you know, maybe you will like her songs and craziness, hehehe.
She have a lot of craziness there, comedies to make you laugh. It sure did me...

Well, I guess that's what children are for, to make us happy. She's my eldest daughter and will be graduating from Nursing next year, and soon will have her own career and everything.

But now she's just enjoying her life studying and having fun.
Thank you guys ^,^ and if you have a Youtube account please rate her and also leave a comment.

1 comment:

  1. She's adorable one Bea. On the way on her youtube performance... :-)