Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My Family

Last Sunday we attended The Feast again at the Festival Mall.

Some of you may wonder what is this Feast, well it's like a Christian Fellowship but this one is Catholic. We sing songs of praises and listen to talks by our group leaders, there is also sharing.
Najel is always asking me to go (this only on Sundays), because the past two Sundays were sooo rainy I told her we could not go. So yesterday we have no reason not to go because the sun is shining so bright! hehehe

While i'm at the Feast with my eldest Leanne, she's at the Children's Ministry where they tell bible stories to the kids and have other activities for them.

On the other side, my daughter Leanne just joined a band (singing). It's just a group of friends. But I had a talk with my hubby about this, actually it has been troubling me yesterday. I am not in favor of her joining this band.
She's graduating in college next year, and I believe that this extra activity will take her concentration off her studies. (even if she says otherwise) Well, i'll have to talk to her about this.

My second child, Jan Michael will be enrolling next semester. He'll be taking up Bachelor of Science in Information Technology at the STI Alabang. he stopped school for a year because he was still unsure of what course to take. He's been busy with his band (he's a guitar player) and playing online games (earning too).

My third, Nikko is in fourth year high school. Well, he wants to take up BS Hotel and Restaurant Management. His options for schools are Far Eastern University or Dela Salle University Dasmarinas, Cavite.

Well, life as a mother is really exciting. Everyday is a learning experience.

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